Our company – locally anchored, globally active

When seventy farmers from Itzehoe and its surrounding area came together in 1879 to form a cooperative, nobody could’ve guessed the success story it’d go on to write. Today, more than three hundred producers are cooperative owners. 

Through a mindful and sustainable approach to livestock farming, each individual producer guarantees consistent standards of quality and supply capability. There are strict requirements for raw milk deliveries that we naturally comply with. All of our cooperative businesses are certified and subject to ongoing inspection.

The production operations themselves are ultra-modern and undergo constant further development. Our employees are experienced and deliver a uniquely consistent high product standard.

It goes without saying that our company is certified to the highest quality standards.

Even after more than 140 years, with its more than 100 highly motivated employees, Breitenburger Milchzentrale is a strong and reliable partner for the food industry.