Our products – quality above all else


Our small range makes us a genuinely unique expert in what we offer. With Gouda, Edam, Steppe cheese, Emmental, Cagliata and Cheddar, we cover almost every flavour profile. We offer versatile flavour profiles with cheeses that melt and brown to perfection. As liquid by-products, we offer skimmed-milk concentrate, whey concentrate and industrial cream, added-salt or unsalted sour cream butter, produced in an industrial butter churn. 

Our products are the result of honest work and a wealth of experience. What’s more, we invest continually in further developing the technology we use. Our production operations exceed the requirements imposed by internationally certified standards in many areas. We have a built up an outstanding reputation for ourselves globally by continually optimising our production processes. This demands a high degree of flexibility from our employees, but also ensures our uniquely consistent high product quality. 

Our extensive planning expertise enable us to deliver the agreed quantities on schedule. 

This ensures our globally producing customers get their deliveries exactly when they need them.